Want to make more money? Give it some time.

Dollars and days. Money and months. Put them together, and they make a potent, profitable combination. With our Certificates, you can pick the savings period — anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. And when the time is up, you can be confident that you′ll walk away with a good bit more than you started with.

  • Certificates feature higher dividend [interest] rates than most traditional savings accounts
  • In general, longer term Certificates come with higher rates
  • Predictable returns — you′ll know from Day One how much you’ll earn over the Certificate′s term
  • There may be dividend [interest] penalties for early withdrawals. But there′s never any risk to your principal investment
  • All Certificate deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration

Questions? Just stop by any USSCO community office or give us a call at 814.266.4987 or toll-free 866.877.2628.

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USSCO Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with Pennsylvania offices in Johnstown, Somerset, and Ebensburg.

Certificates can even be used to secure a loan, but loan term cannot exceed the term of the Certificate.

Minimum deposit $500.00

Penalty for early withdrawal of Certificates:

Less than 18 months 90 days’ dividends [interest]

18 months and over 180 days’ dividends [interest]

Fees for early withdrawal may reduce earnings

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