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2021 Winter Newsletter

Dear fellow member,

As I draft this last letter of 2021, I am reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to work alongside a hardworking team of financial professionals dedicated to serving and supporting our members day in and day out.


2021 Fall Newsletter

Dear fellow member, 

It's getting close to the end of summer. I am reminded of how fragile our society is but your credit union's resilience and performance continues. 


2021 Summer Newsletter

Dear fellow member, 

The flowers are budding, grass is growing, and the smell of fresh mulch is in the air. There's a feeling of optimism and renewed hope we haven't enjoyed for a while.


2021 USSCO Audited Financial Report


2022 Spring Newsletter/2021 RECAP

Dear fellow member,

2021 brought many challenges to your credit union—financially, personally, and professionally. We’ve all had to make changes in how we operate and go through our daily routines. We got through it together with the support, trust, and confidence you’ve shown us. We’re very grateful. Despite the challenges, we’re proud to let you know that 2021 was another very good year for USSCO.

2022 Summer Newsletter
Dear fellow member,
After the last two years, it is so good to hear that people are traveling with summer vacations, attending baseball games, and enjoying the sunshine!
Despite concerns over increasing prices and inflation, your credit union continues to perform well. We had a great first half of 2022surpassing our budget! 

2019 USSCO Audited Financial Report


2020 USSCO Audited Financial Report