Fee Schedule

General Fees EFFECTIVE OF JANUARY 1, 2024
Account Closure $5.00 if account closed within
one (1) year of opening account
Account Reconciliation $20.00/Hour and $20.00
minimum charge
Inactive/Dormant Account $5.00/Month, per share type, per
member account number, with
no activity for 12 months
Escheatable – after 3 years $25.00/Account
Use of Fax $1.00/Sheet for local area
$2.00/Sheet for out of area
Money Order $2.50/Money Order
Photocopy $0.05/Copy
History Print off $1.00/Page
Statement Copy $5.00/Copy
Official Credit Union Check $5.00/Check
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $5.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $15.00/Transfer
Reg D Limitation $35.00/after six preauthorized,
automatic or telephone transfers
Overdraft from Savings $1.00/Transfer
NSF Item
Returned/Insufficient Funds
$35.00/Item (each
Stop Payment $35.00/Request
ACH Stop Payment $35.00/Request
Check Orders Prices may vary depending upon
Photocopies of Checks $2.00/Check Mailed
$4.00/Check Faxed
Returned Item $25.00/Item (each
Returned Item (3rd party) $15.00/Item (each
NSF Item Paid/Courtesy Pay $35.00/Item Checks, ACH and
Debit POS
Returned Statement $10.00/Month
Visa Gift Cards $2.00/Card
Visa Travel Money $3.00/Card
Garnishment Processing $50.00
Non-Member On-Us Check
EFT FEES Non USSCO FCU ATMs – Five (5) ATM withdrawals per month
without a charge; a fee of $0.75 per withdrawal thereafter.
Card Replacement $10.00/Card